Cavanna staff whisk up tasty treats for charity

Our Charity and Social Committee organised a Charity Bake Off to raise funds for our charity of the year, the Ricky Grant Day Unit at Torbay Hospital.

Our keen bakers bought in their creations which were placed under tough scrutiny from their departmental judges before each department chose a worthy contestant to go through to the finals.

The overall winner was chosen by Jeremy Cavanna, David Green and Fred Sureshkumar, who unanimously crowned Sharon Hewitt in our Technical department the winner with her delicious Christmas coffee cake.

The remaining cakes were on sale for staff to purchase raising over £100 for the Ricky Grant Day Unit, which was kindly match-funded by Cavanna bringing the total to £200!

Earlier this year we presented the Ricky Grant Day Unit and its closely associated ward, Turner Ward, with two day-bed chairs for patients’ families when staying overnight on the ward.

Throughout the year, whenever our staff have taken a holiday, we have taken a seahorse soft toy version of our logo, Trigger, with us. Based on the number of miles racked up on “Trigger’s Travels”, the firm donated an extra £5,372 which was presented to the Ricky Grant Day Unit.

We hope our fundraising will help make a different to the patients and their families who are receiving treatment at the Ricky Grant Day Unit and Turner Ward.