What do buyers want from a new home?

It comes as no surprise to find out the pandemic has changed what house hunters are looking for in a new home. In a survey carried out by Zen Internet on 2,000 UK house buyers, over 70% of people said that COVID-19 was the reason they’d moved after having time to reflect on what they need from their home.

The desire for better outdoor space close to the countryside and having a dedicated home working area has grown significantly, with 27% of people citing the need for a study to create a good home / work life balance.

Better broadband has also become a top priority for 90% of homeowners, with 75% of people saying they would not buy a house if it had poor internet connectivity.

These are among the top reasons for moving while proximity to travel hubs such as train stations or bus stops, the commute to work, and local hospitality venues are pushed down the list.

The survey also highlighted how homebuyers are looking to move closer to friends and family and the interest in good performing schools, local crime rate and local amenities has surged showing just how important community is when choosing your next new home.

At Cavanna Homes, we’ve been building beautiful new homes across the wonderful Westcountry for almost 100 years, so we understand the importance of creating a sense of community that has plenty to offer for all the family.

Our new homes across Devon, Cornwall, Somerset and Dorset are located within walking distance of local shops and offer outdoor space for residents to enjoy, including play areas for children, outdoor seating or parks for running, walking or cycling. We also check the broadband availability and speeds for you to help you get up and running online after you move in.

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