You buy ours, and we’ll sell yours!

Want to reserve a Cavanna home, but having trouble selling your existing property? Our Move Assist scheme helps your dream move become a reality. The scheme offers practical and financial assistance for those who have set their heart on one of our new homes, yet are struggling to sell their existing property.

Benefits include:

  • We deal with the estate agents and pay their fees
  • We’ll help you get the best price for your old home
  • You can secure your new home today

There are just a few simple stages

  1. Two estate agents’ valuations will be arranged.
  2. The plot will be held for 4 weeks whilst marketing of your home is undertaken, at a price agreed with you and Cavanna Homes.
  3. Estate agency fees will be paid subject to the legal completion of the purchase of the agreed plot.
  4. Advertising will commence upon agreeing a marketing price on your property and payment of your £1000 reservation fee.
  5. £1000 reservation fee will be required to hold the plot for 4 weeks. Should a buyer not be found within the 4 week period, the agreement may be cancelled and £250 (25% of the initial £1000 reservation fee) will be retained for admin/remarketing costs.

Please ask your Sales Advisor for further details.