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The benefits of buying a new build vs an older home

New build vs old build homes: which is best for you? Buying a new build or an older home is a significant decision for prospective buyers that can be rewarding in different ways. Both options offer unique benefits to cater to a diverse range of preferences, and by researching ahead of a committed buy, you can thoroughly consider your future investment. In this article, we’ll delve into the advantages of each, which might sway your decision about the best option for your future home.


Advantages of buying a new build

Energy efficiency

One of the standout features of buying a new build home is its extreme energy efficiency. Typically, new builds are built with longevity in mind and consider modern, energy-efficient, and eco-friendly features. Not only will these features offer environmental benefits by saving energy, but as a result, they will additionally save you money on utility bills in the long term, as most newly built homes are designed with green credentials to help reduce carbon emissions.

With these “green” features in place across a new-build home, new-build homeowners could save £2,200 annually on energy bills with Cavanna Homes.

Here is a list of some of these energy-efficient features you may find in your new-build home:

      • High-level housing insulation

New-build homes have higher insulation levels to ensure heating is easily maintained, saving on unnecessary carbon emissions, especially if the house is optimised to keep heat in.

      • Efficient heating systems

On top of the insulation, heating systems no longer need to be on throughout the day as your heating lasts longer with efficient heating systems that are both automatic and eco-efficient – using less energy and saving you more on heating bills.

      • White goods with A or A+ energy ratings

A-rated home appliances are most frequently considered the most efficient product of its category, and anything beyond, such as A+, is considered even more so. Many new-build homes are fitted with the latest products with the top ratings for energy efficiency meaning efficiency is already considered before you move in.

      • Double or triple-glazing

Double or triple-glazed windows are standard as part of new builds, which further build up your home’s resistance to the cold and keep your property warm during winter.

      • Low-energy lighting

With low-energy lighting, you’ll use less electricity daily, see a massive improvement in your energy bills, and offset carbon emissions.

      • Toilet dual flushing system

New-build homes consider the long-term, and their bathrooms save money in the long run with a dual-flushing systems built into the toilets. Toilets with dual flushing systems use half the water a single-flush toilet will use, which will in turn reduce your water usage and bills.

      • EV-charging points

For electric vehicle drivers, their cars reduce energy costs and pollution, and by having at-home charging convenience with a built-in EV charger, you can enjoy the luxuries of energy-saving power from your home.

      • PV Solar Panels

Photovoltaic (PV) solar panels are an energy-efficient way of automatically converting electricity from the sun and using it in your newly built home. As a result, you save money on energy bills and help reduce your carbon emissions with a renewable energy source directly to your home.

      • Outdoor Developments

Outdoor developments

New homes tend to be on the outskirts of the city for convenient commutes as well as for green space areas for residents to enjoy freely.

Modern design and features

Cavanna Homes New Build Developments

New builds stand out with their contemporary design elements, open layouts, and modern amenities, reducing the need for immediate redecoration.

Here is a list of some design features you may find in your new-build home:

      • Contemporary design

Your brand-new home already comes fully equipped with its own décor, reducing the need to redecorate if this is your preferred modern style. Usually, this design consists of neutral colours, meaning you can easily stylise the property to your personal taste without the need to redecorate fully. In some cases, during construction, you can even request your own personal preference on kitchen style, flooring and fittings for electrics ahead of your completed build.

      • Open-plan spaces

With an open layout, you can play with furniture and have options for what ambience you wish to create with accompanying décor. Open-plan spaces create decorative focal points and make homes feel spacious with room to grow in.

      • Modern amenities 

One of the benefits of new-build homes is being equipped with up-to-date appliances and home amenities before your move,  where you can additionally have a say in style and materials during your property’s construction.

Additionally, builders can offer other benefits to incentivise buyers to buy new-build homes, such as:

      • Upgrading fixtures or fittings within your new home free-of-charge
      • Covering your stamp duty
      • Part-exchange agreements

Family-friendly locations

View of Cavanna Homes new build developments from above

New-build housing developments are also an investment in the surrounding area, creating a residential community that is appealing to live in alongside the house. For this reason, house developers consider the needs of their invested buyers by choosing to construct easily accessible locations close to public amenities, schools and shopping centres. This makes new-build homes perfect for families with children looking for a fresh start at a house that offers the luxury of location and design.

In most cases, housing developments additionally support …

      • Local communities and towns
      • Local government projects

Lower maintenance costs

New builds are known for lower maintenance costs, offering homeowners a hassle-free living experience. These homes require minimal immediate maintenance; everything is brand new and built to last. With new builds, you can enjoy a worry-free start in your new home, saving time and money that would otherwise be spent on upkeep.

Buying a new home also means less renovation or DIY work, meaning more time to enjoy the natural splendour of your dream property.

Warranty and peace of mind

During the construction of new homes, builders follow the latest building regulations to ensure your safety, security, and peace of mind. Most new-build home developments have an NHBC 10-year Buildmark warranty, which covers the cost of any accidental structural damage or fault in your new home. When you buy a new home provided by builders, this warranty will protect your property and guarantee a stress-free transition to life at your new home. A warranty on your new build can also help you secure a mortgage and protect your investment in the long run. A supporting pre-contract Consumer Code is also designed to protect first purchasers of a new building so their property is insured if the builders fail to meet mandatory building regulations.

Cavanna Homes, a trusted provider of beautiful homes across the West Country and South West, fully equips their new-build home buyers with a 10-year NHBC or LABC warranty. Cavanna Homes has prioritised quality craftsmanship and buyer satisfaction with their new home developments, unlike other building providers, for over a hundred years. With energy-efficient technologies incorporated into every aspect of their new-build homes, design expectations are always exceeded, from construction to completion.

No buyers’ chain

With a new-build property, you are the first existing owner, unlike older homes, which already have owners, who need to complete their part in the sale process in order for you to complete yours. Because of this, if you later sell your property, the buyer chain is guaranteed to end with you, meaning there is less risk of a property sale getting stuck, reducing the stress of moving house.

Advantages of buying an older build

Dartmouth harbour overlooking old homes

Character and Charm

As you journey to find your ideal home, consider the aesthetic advantages of opting for an older build. Some older homes are rich with character and charm that can make your living experience truly special if you are searching for a property with a history.

Here is a list of some of these charming features you may find with your older build:

      • Unique architectural details

Imagine living in a space adorned with unique architectural details that carry stories of the past. From ornate cornices and high ceilings to exquisite stained-glass windows, older homes offer a sense of history that adds a special touch to your home. You’ll appreciate the one-of-a-kind architectural details that help make your home truly unique.

      • Established Communities

Opting for an older build means immersing yourself in a well-established community with a rich history. These communities have stood the test of time and offer a sense of belonging that can be hard to replicate. You’ll find mature amenities, local shops, and a strong sense of social harmony in a vibrant area that has developed its own history.

      • Size

Whilst sometimes subject to budget, older builds typically have larger interiors if they are particularly old, such as period houses built in the early twentieth century with high ceilings or houses with historic fireplaces.

Larger Gardens and Outdoor Spaces

A close-up on garden space

Older homes often have more extensive gardens and outdoor spaces, perfect for those who love the great outdoors. These spacious areas have flourished for years, with mature trees, plants, and lush green lawns. It’s an ideal setting for gardening enthusiasts and a serene space for leisure and relaxation. You can have your own piece of nature right outside your door to make your own personal gardening project.

Potential for personalisation

Old homes from above

Another exciting aspect of older homes is the potential for renovation and customisation to add value to your property. In some cases, these properties can provide a blank canvas for you to stamp on. Whether you dream of taking on a fun project or having the allure of a vintage property, older homes offer many opportunities to make it uniquely yours.

Ways you can personalise and add to the value of your older home:

      • Expanding your home

If you enjoy a project, expanding your home can be easy with an older build, so your new house caters to the best size and style you like.

      • Restoration

Does your future property have appealing architectural features that need to be restored? Personalise your home and recreate it to its glory years by taking on restoration projects, such as old fireplaces, to increase the ambience of your dream home.

      • Modernising the kitchen

Is everything else in the property perfect aside from your kitchen? Get fitted with the latest tech and amenities to breathe life into your kitchen again so you can enjoy the aesthetic of your older home with up-to-date appliances and modern work surfaces.

Which is better: buying a new house vs an old house?

Keys to a new home

Buying a new or old house is based on what best suits you and your budget. Choosing a home that aligns with personal preferences and priorities, whether a new-built home or an old-built house, is always the most suitable decision. Why not explore further guidance and consultations on buying with Cavanna Homes and make your home-buying journey smoother and more informed on your options and benefits?

Choose Cavanna Homes for your best future home

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We at Cavanna Homes understand how much your investment means, which is why our award-winning countryside and coastline properties have appealed to our long history of clients. We attract those interested in our properties and those who dream of living in the South West as the perfect place to live, work and raise a family.

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