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Reasons to Move to Devon

Devon has a lot to offer; from relaxing walks on the beach to bustling market towns, you’ll always have plenty of activities to get up to.

In 2020, Devon scooped the top spot as the most migrated county in the United Kingdom, with 8,521 UK citizens moving to the region to escape the “hustle and bustle” of the city. With so many spectacular locations across Devon, it’s hardly surprising people want to make the move to a county famous for its holiday attractions.

Breathtaking natural beauty

Dartmoor in Devon

Devon is famously known for its dramatic cliffs, rolling hills and lush countryside that make it a visually stunning place to live. From Exmoor to Dartmoor, there are many free accessible outdoor spaces like national parks, nature reserves and coastal trails, all of which offer endless opportunities for exploration and adventure.

Canonteign Falls

  Canonteign Falls photographed by Elliott Brown.

Devon is not just celebrated for its natural landscapes but also for its manmade marvels like Canonteign Falls, England’s highest manmade waterfall, and the archaeological wonder, Kent’s Cavern. Whether you’re hiking up to Canonteign Falls or exploring the caves and artefacts in Kent’s Cavern, Devon’s blend of natural and manmade beauty is simply unparalleled.

Coastal lifestyle

Boats by the Devon coast

Living in Devon means embracing a lifestyle where the sea becomes a part of your daily life. Activities like surfing, sailing and beachcombing are just a stone’s throw away, offering those who live there a sense of freedom and a deeper connection to nature. The coastal lifestyle here is about more than just the proximity to water; it’s about the community, the relaxation and the adventures that the sea brings to your doorstep.

Vibrant communities

Devon town festivals

Devon is home to some of the best market towns with a diverse array of communities, each with its own unique charm. From bustling market towns like Totnes to charming fishing villages like Clovelly, known for its crystal-clear waters and the iconic Red Lion pub. These communities offer a sense of belonging and a slower pace of life that many yearn for. The rich history of places like Clovelly, with its ancient harbour and tranquil village, adds to the appeal of living in such a dynamic and welcoming environment.


Clovelly village in North Devon

Clovelly is arguably one of the prettiest villages to live in North Devon due to its crystal-clear waters and spectacular landscapes. The Red Lion is a perfect destination for locals to grab their famous fish and chips next to Clovelly’s ancient harbour, which dates all the way back to the 13th century.


Totnes Market Town

 Totnes photographed by Alison Day.

Totnes, nestled in the heart of Devon, is a vibrant hub of creativity, culture and eco-conscious living. Its unique blend of historical richness and progressive thinking makes it stand out to those drawn to Devon’s diverse appeal. The medieval town thrives on its community spirit, showcased through lively markets, boutiques and an array of local eateries championing local produce. With a strong emphasis on sustainable living, Totnes attracts artists, artisans and environmentally-conscious individuals. This fusion of past and present, tradition and innovation, cements Totnes as a pivotal part of Devon’s charm and the local arts scene.

Rich history and heritage

Devon landscape with castle

Devon is renowned for an assortment of things, such as its spectacular coastline and beautiful beaches that are steeped in history. The county’s rich history is woven into the fabric of its towns and landscapes. From the Victorian coastal town of Woolacombe, with its ‘Wolves Valley’ heritage, to Torquay, a seaside town with deep roots in England’s maritime history, Devon is a treasure trove for history enthusiasts. Historical landmarks, castles, churches and stately homes dot the landscape, each telling a unique part of Devon’s storied past.


Woolacombe Beach

Beyond its stunning scenery, Woolacombe boasts a rich history extending far beyond its time as a traditional seaside resort. Its roots can be traced back to the Domesday Book and the Stone Age.

This popular coastal town was once a densely wooded area where wolves would settle, known as ‘Wolmecoma’–  its original historical name, which translates to ‘Wolves Valley.’ However, its name is only assumed to be a quite literal translation. Thankfully for those living in North Devon today, wolves no longer roam Woolacombe.

North Devon is a marvellous destination to greaten your knowledge of Devonian history. With local histories and stories like these, what better place to take in the spectacular sights than in an area with such a rich and diverse past?


Torquay Beach

                Torquay photographed by Torquay Palms.

South Devon has a wide range of history and town origin stories, like Torquay. Surrounded by beautiful countryside and conveniently located near Devon’s English Rivera, Torquay has remained a traditional yet thriving seaside town since the Victorian times. Famous for its beaches and soft sands, Torquay also provides the best sea swimming and paddling spots in England. During World War II, Torquay’s hotels and inns also provided training facilities for the RAF and played an important part in the war effort.

If you are looking for a historic area to settle down in, Torquay might be the perfect fit!

Devon culinary delights

Devon food

                       Food and Drink – Devon County Show 2023 photographed by Stephen and Helen Jones.

Local specialities, fresh ingredients and culinary traditions define Devon’s food landscape. Life in Devon means you gain a vast option of activities to choose from every single day, such as places to grab a quick bite to eat or a fine wine and dine.

Devon’s culinary scene is a testament to its rich culture and tradition, where the debate over the correct way to enjoy a cream tea (cream or jam first?) epitomises the playful spirit of its residents. Despite this ongoing strife between the two counties, a cream tea is a fantastic way to top off an already brilliant day out in Devon.

Whether it’s indulging in a cream tea after a day out or exploring the various dining experiences the county offers, Devon’s cuisine is all about choice and quality, reflecting the county’s overall ethos of living life at your own pace. With fresh local produce in abundance, it’s also no surprise to hear that it’s home to 3 Michelin-starred restaurants.

Devon’s offering for food and fun comes in abundance all year round, even in the colder months when locals get to enjoy popular tourist locations practically to themselves. Devon has loads of activities to do in winter; and supporting local eateries is a quintessential part of life no matter the weather. If you are looking for a bite to eat after a long winter walk on the beach, a Devonshire pasty is sure to keep you warm.

Fun fact: There will always be a great debate about the origin of the pasty as both the Cornish and Devonshire pasties are traditionally filled with beef and potato. The cultural difference between the two? Devon’s pasties have a much fancier top crimp and have a slightly oval shape to them, whereas the Cornish pasties are plainly side-crimped.

Why move to Devon?

Devon Coast

It can be said that Devon is all about the slow pace of life, but there are plenty of things to keep you occupied in the county best known for its exotic coastal escapes and vast countryside. Whilst some may consider moving to the coast or countryside a long journey, Cavanna Homes can help make the move a small hurdle to step over together so you can begin your new life with ease.

Choose to take the first step today and embark on a new chapter by moving to Devon.

Start your new life in Devon with Cavanna Homes

View of Cavanna Homes new build developments from above

For those seeking a better work-life balance and a deeper connection to both community and nature, Devon is an idyllic destination.

Cavanna Homes, with its century-long history and deep roots in the West Country, offers beautifully designed new-build properties that come with a 10-year NHBC or LABC warranty, ensuring peace of mind for new residents. By choosing Cavanna Homes for your relocation to Devon, you’re not just finding a new house; you’re discovering a new home in one of the UK’s most cherished counties. With a range of new developments available across Devon, such as our new homes in Exeter and Oak Mount in Hemyock, find your perfect property by the South West coast to settle down in.

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