Halloween front door at show home

Friends Round For … A Halloween Party. The Kids Edition!

It’s ‘trick or treat’ season which means only one thing for your kids… a Halloween party!

In our series of ‘Friends round for’ blogs, we’ve shared top tips for hosting your own afternoon tea party, a friend’s staycation right through to throwing the perfect summer BBQ. So, without furtherHalloween front door at show home ado, here’s our top tricks for hosting the ultimate Halloween party in your new Cavanna home. Sorry for the puns…


Dead scary decorations   

Have some skele-fun and give making your own Halloween decorations a go!

A frighteningly easy decorating tip is to drape white sheets over furniture such as sofas and chairs to create a blank canvas. Dot carved pumpkins around the house with a small battery-powered tea light inside. You could also cut black and orange card into triangles and thread them through string to create your own bunting to hang around the house.

To keep the children entertained, pick up a huge roll of paper to stick to the table, like a tablecloth, and add pots of colouring pencils on top for children to draw straight onto the paper.

For a fun and easy table decoration, wrap old jars in bandages from a first aid kit and stick-on googly eyes to make mummified candle holders.  If you can find white paper cups, try drawing a spider web pattern onto them and serve up a brightly coloured non-alcoholic punch in a large bowl with a ladle! Here’s a simple 4 ingredient recipe for blood lemonade with floating teeth … Bone Appetit!

Halloween and pumpkins

Revolting recipes

Little ones love eating Halloween inspired food that’s pretending to be something gruesome. Here are some of our favourites:

Mini monster burgers – these simple and fun burgers are the perfect dish to serve up at a Halloween party! You could use meatballs or veggieballs based on dietary requirements and allow the children to assemble all the extras to see who can make the scariest monster burger!

Healthy Halloween pizzas – you can’t go wrong with pizzas; they really are crowd pleasers. We’d recommend buying ready-made bases or preparing them in advance and then set up a ‘decoration station’ where the little witches and wizards can get crafty with a range of toppings!

For easy Halloween treats, we’d suggest preparing crispy brains and banana mummies ahead of the party. They can stand in the fridge ready to be feasted on later in the evening. Don’t forget that you can do lots with fruit to make healthy Halloween treats too – take a look at these troll lips for inspiration!

Gory games

It wouldn’t be a proper kids Halloween party without some spooky games! Kids love a race so get them to mummify each other using a couple of loo rolls and see who can do it the fastest. You could also hide eerie eyeball sweets around the house and garden as part of an eyeball hunt! Finally, cook up and cool a large bowl of spaghetti, add in some prizes, and get the kids to search around for them whilst blindfolded!

Have a spooktacular Halloween!


Photo credits: Unsplash