We're Wildlife Friendly!

Cavanna wants every resident to feel welcome which is why toad tunnels, hedgehog holes, bird and bat boxes are integrated into our developments as often as possible. And our planting schemes are created to encourage bees and butterflies, integrating nature and wildlife into the lives of home owners.

Bird Nestboxes

There is plenty of food in gardens for small birds but nowhere for birds to nest. Nest boxes encourage birds into the garden.

Planting to encourage Bees and Butterflies

We plant shrubs and flowers known to be attractive to Bees, Butterflies and Pollinators which will also provide a source of food and help towards protecting them.

Bat Boxes

The Bat population in the UK has declined dramatically over the past century due to persecution and habitat loss. Bat Boxes are artificial roosts designed to provide bats with alternative safe resting places.